A Few Tips To Enhance Your Hot-Runner’s Performance

A range of factors affects a hot-runner system’s chances of success. Altogether, a hot-runner is complex, but you can easily handle its complexity by taking care of a few issues. Several PET Preform Manufacturers understand the industrial worth of hot-runner. Such an understanding helps these manufacturers design PET moulds that comply with the requirements of such a system. A hot-runner system offers several benefits such as improved part quality, faster cycles and reduced material consumption; these benefits, however, come with a set of challenges. All such challenges are against maximizing a hot-runner’s mechanism. A few tips that help in increasing the performance of a hot-runner are given below. Read on…

Lower the value of leaked resin

A material leak occurs when a hot-runner system’s process temperature goes beyond the defined value. A system’s temperature exceeds whenever high level of thermal expansion takes place. During thermal expansion, the system’s components shift their position, thus, leaving space for leakages. During thermal leaks, you can use compression nozzles. Such type of nozzles absorbs the entire pressure of thermal expansion without letting the components shift.

Sustain flat thermal profile

In a few hot-runners, it is very difficult to have a uniform temperature, especially in parts such as tips and nozzles. You have to maintain uniform temperature at the gate of a hot-runner system to prevent drooling of resins. For attaining a uniform temperature, you must equip the system with a flexible heater. A pair of flexible heaters must be installed within the system to ensure effective heat management.

Sustain an even pressure

Uneven pressure can lead to material burning and leaving of silver streaks on the manufactured parts. A system develops uneven pressure whenever it has a faulty nozzle design. A nozzle with apt orifice size must be equipped in the hot-runner to have an even pressure.

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